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Ethos and

Grainne Morton is a small business working with around ten talented and highly valued individuals. Our core creative and business activity takes place in our studio in Grainne’s garden in Edinburgh.

Grainne’s garden is a tiny but very special place. Plants and flowers are plentiful, encouraging local wildlife to thrive. Our studio is small and low impact with three of the team working there daily.

Our ethos has always been that handmade is quality made, and that there is beauty in breathing new life into antique and natural objects through our jewellery.

At Edinburgh College of Art in the 90s, Grainne stood out for her use of vintage buttons, stamps and ephemera in her pieces. Over the years Grainne’s collections of antique and natural objects has grown to meet the increasing love for her pieces. Today, many of the pieces we use in our production come from disused stocks of, for example, vintage rhinestones from old bead mills or factories no longer in operation.

Central to our ethos is that making our jewellery has to be as fair and sustainable as possible. We achieve this in three main areas:

Made by hand

All of our jewellery is made by hand using traditional techniques. Our small team of artisanal makers are all art college trained and can choose to work exclusively for Grainne Morton, or to work on a mix of their own and other projects, as well as for us.

Made using recycled and fairly acquired materials

All of the silver we use to make our jewellery is recycled silver. Where possible, we re-use antique and vintage objects in our pieces. The gold used in our 18ct gold plating is Fairmined as defined by *The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

Made to order

The majority of our pieces are made to order, avoiding waste from over-stocking. We keep up to one of each piece to lend for photoshoots, or for use as ‘ready to ship’ on our website for customers who need their purchase quickly for a special occasion.

*ARM was established in 2004 and is a leading global expert on artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). ARM work to transform the ASM sector into a socially and environmentally responsible activity, while improving the quality of life of artisanal miners, their families and communities.

Christmas Deliveries

To have your order delivered in time for Christmas your order must be ordered before Friday 13th December.