"My creativity comes from my culture: traditional crafts, folklore, music and fairy tales. Culture is embedded in my practice.

My work is profoundly personal, almost in a subconscious way. Whilst all above feed my designs, my personality is represented. I can be contradictory and this is apparent in my work -

vintage/contemporary, precious/non-precious, spontaneous/ordered, junk/treasure.


Collecting and collections inform and become part of my jewellery. My vast menagerie of found items become my materials, that are individually set, primarily in silver and arranged together with an emphasis on balance, scale, shape and form. There is always a narrative and something unexpected. As my practice has progressed the materials I use have changed. My jewellery has evolved over many years. More than ever now, I am making jewellery with an emphasis on style. Pieces that I want to wear and that I think will look beautiful on other women.


My current focus is on creating necklaces and earrings that are unique, elegant and timeless yet fashion forward. "


“The maniacal cult of smallness, the love of extremely miniature work is probably an aspect of some obscure mental disease but it’s great fun nevertheless.”


Joseph Patrick Murray, Museum of Childhood Edinburgh


About Grainne


Since she can remember Grainne Morton has been a bit of a magpie, hoarding incessantly anything miniature or eclectic that has caught her eye.


Inspired by parents who were both creative, she was encouraged to make things with her hands. Her first love was needlework, from which she still draws inspiration today.


Individuality has always been important as an expression. Grainne has a deep passion for clothes and style.


Born and brought up in Northern Ireland, Grainne moved to Edinburgh to attend Edinburgh College of Art in the late eighties, mainly because she had family that live just outside the city. Robin Morton, musician and Alison Kinnaird MBE Glass Artist and Musician

 It was during this time that she became an avid collector of antiques and ephemera.


Grainne’s parents own an Antique shop and would combine trips visiting their daughter with buying for their own shop, scouring the many antique shops and fairs within Edinburgh. Grainne tagged along and became hooked.

As her time at Art College progressed, it became apparent that her collections were becoming her inspiration and she experimented with combining the two.


Her use of unexpected materials, mainly found started back then and is still her trademark today.


Graduating in 1993, Grainne officially started her business in 1995 when she received a Startup Grant from The Scottish Arts Council. Next year Grainne Morton Jewellery will celebrate its 21st Birthday.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, featured widely in the press and is in many Museum collections.


Grainne has also received many awards, the most recent and most prestigious being short listed for the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize – Jewellery 2007.


Grainne lives and works in Edinburgh with her husband and two children.

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